Small Share


I am making a commitment to support WestSide Tilth Farm for the 2019 growing season. I understand:


  • There is no guarantee on the exact amount or types of produce that I will receive for my share. Weather, insects, and disease may affect the availability and quantities of produce. I will share both the risks and rewards of the growing season with the grower and the other shareholders.


  • It is my responsibility to pick up my share within the scheduled time and place. If it is not picked up and I have not made other arrangements, my share will be considered forfeited, non-refundable, and will be donated.


  • My payment is non-refundable.


  • My share contains unwashed produce and it should be cleaned before consumption.
CSA Detials

I accept the terms of my share membership, as outlined on this page.

You are making your first payment of $160. Your second payment is due by April 1.
3% processing fee applies.