Farm Stand

Farm Stand

2019 Season

246 Normal Avenue


10am – 3pm


June 1 through November 2

*Closed August 31

Our farm stand is an opportunity for customers to experience where their produce is being grown in a relaxed setting.  Farmers markets can be great for the consumer, however they often come at cost to the farmer. Generally they are a two-day endeavor for the farmer, if you include the prep the day before hand.  This creates a pressure that would not exist if they were able to sell directly from an on site farm stand. When produce is directly sold from a farm stand, not only is overall work pressure decreased, all farm operations are running while produce is being sold!


We consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to grow and sell our produce amidst the community that supports it.  By visiting farm stands, consumers not only increase the farmers quality of life, they are also allowed a rare glimpse into very place their food is grown, within a tranquil setting. 

We Accept

Credit Cards

WIC checks

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