What We Grow

Seasonal Salad Mix

Quality is our primary concern when create our salad mixes. This is why we believe it is important to grow seasonally. Only the best ingredients, harvested at their peak, will be added.  All of our mixes include red and green crisp, butter head and oak leaf lettuce.  During the summer months you will find mostly a blend of tender, sweet lettuces of all shapes and colors.  In the spring and fall, when conditions are favorable, arugula, endive, baby chard, claytonia, spinach, minutina and baby beet leaves are added to the mix.


When grown seasonally, tomatoes are available for only a few precious months.  To celebrate how great tomatoes can be, we only grow the best tasting heirloom beefsteak, salad, and cherry varieties. Our plants are grown in the highest quality imported soil available, using only natural fertilizers and compost, inside of our 72’ greenhouse.  Tomato plants that are grown in balanced environments with everything they need are allowed to fully express their genetics, resulting in a healthier plant and superior fruit.


Mushrooms may be the best-suited crop for the urban environment.  They produce prolifically when given the right conditions and can be grown indoors as well as out of doors.  We primarily grow oyster mushrooms because they are one of easiest mushrooms to grow and are highly nutritious.  They are rich in protein, B vitamins, are cholesterol free and contain the cholesterol-lowering molecule, lovastatin.  Besides having considerable health benefits, mushrooms are an excellent meat substitute and are growing in popularity amongst passionate home cooks and professional chefs for their unique flavor profiles, textures, colors, and shapes.


We love to grow root vegetables. While many farms grow varieties that have funny shapes and unusual colors, we made a decision to grow only the varieties that are selected for their exceptional flavor profiles.  Primarily, we grow the best tasting  salad turnip, carrot, beet, and radish cultivars we can find. We chose these varieties because of how great they are to be eaten fresh, in a salad or as a healthy snack.

Leafy Greens

Kale, collards, spinach and mustards are a critical part of a balanced diet.  They are useful in reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease, high in dietary fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium.  We make sure to have plenty of these favorites all season long at our farmstand and in our CSA.


We always grow scallion, spring onion, leek and garlic for their health benefits and ability to elevate the flavors of all other vegetables.  The sulfur compounds contained within alliums gives them their characteristic flavor and taste. It also promotes cardiovascular health, anti-cancer activity, lowering blood levels of cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and providing anti-clotting benefits.

Microgreens & Shoots

Microgreens are another great crop to grow in an urban setting because of their short life cycle and high productivity per square foot.  Pound for pound they are one of the most nutrient dense crops that can be grown.  Sprinkled in salads or eaten on their own, they are a great way to add much needed vitamins to everyone’s diet with little effort. They give a new meaning to the phrase “fast food”.  Because of their popularity, we generally grow sunflower, pea and radish microgreens.

Culinary & Medicinal Herbs

We grow an array of herbs for both medicinal and culinary purposes.  Herbs are an excellent way to season food without adding sodium.  Combined with alliums, fresh herbs can easily take a dish to a higher level.  Our favorite ways to use them are in fresh pesto and chimichurri sauces. They can be quickly made and complement almost any dish you add them to.  They can also be made into tasty teas, hot or iced.  Though all herbs may not be considered culinary, they are all medicinal.