Our Farm

WestSide Tilth is an urban farm located in Buffalo, NY, established in 2017.  It is owned and operated by Buffalo natives Carrie Nader and Alex Wadsworth.

Our Operations

Our farm utilizes the best of traditional and contemporary agricultural practices to grow an abundance of exceptionally healthy vegetables on a very small land base.  You won’t find a tractor here.  We believe in the use of appropriate technology.  Most of our tasks on the farm are completed with the help of small hand or battery operated tools, including preparing our soil, seeding and transplanting, and harvesting and packing.  We have 26 solar panels which help power our cooler, greenhouse fans and charge our tools.

How We Grow

By growing with the seasons, fertilizing naturally, implementing crop rotation and protected culture (like high tunnels & insect netting) to mitigate disease and pest pressure, we consistently produce vegetables of the highest quality for eight months of the year.  We adhere to organic growing practices, never using dangerous pesticides or herbicides on our farm.

Safe, Imported Soil

We are aware of our informed customers concerns about food grown in an urban setting due to contaminants that can be found in the soil.   To resolve this important issue we have chosen to import all of our soil and place it atop a geotextile barrier, insuring no migration of possible contaminants between the native soil and our grow medium.

Where We Sell

By partnering with chefs and selling to dedicated  local consumers we hope to encourage the growth of local food systems. You can find our produce at many local restaurants, our farm stand, and in your CSA box.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our farm is not open to the public. We are a working farm run by a small crew, and thus spend all of our time tending our crops, harvesting, and making deliveries. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate farm visits. We host a few special events each year where we invite folks to visit the farm. Check our Facebook and Instagram pages for these events.


We ask that you respect our privacy and our workplace by not showing up at the farm uninvited. Thank you!




We are a very small farming operation and do not have employment opportunities at this time.




We are limited in our ability to use volunteers due to liability concerns. We encourage you to contact nonprofit farming and gardening organizations like the Massachusetts Avenue Project or Grassroots Gardens if you are interested in volunteering.

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