Solar Pizza Parties

Every Saturday starting May 11th

@ The Farm

246 Normal Ave

10am – 3pm


Let us know you’re coming here.


We will be at the Elmwood Festival of the Arts Saturday, August 24th, no pizza at the farm.


The farm is closed Saturday, August 31st, no farm stand or pizza.

Why are our pizzas special?

At WestSide Tilth Farm, we bake pizzas in brick ovens using fresh vegetables from our farm, along with local heritage breed hogs, house made ricotta, and other premium ingredients.  Through our farm stand and pop up pizza events, we hand shape then bake our pies to order for each customer by exacting standards.


We do not believe in cutting corners. A large part of this means putting extra care into our dough by using a preferment starter (biga), and cold fermenting for several days.  This process creates a crust which, unlike mass produced pizza, has a complex and delightful flavor. When you eat our pizza, your stomach will have no trouble with digestion, as a large part of it has already occurred during the long fermentation process.  The end result is a crust that is light, crispy and as the Italians put it, ”highly digestible.”


This thorough method of dough making combined with garden fresh produce, local meats, artisan cheese, homemade sauces is what creates our one-of-a-kind pizza.  

We Accept

Credit Cards